June 27, 2017

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Unreached People Groups - Char

March 1, 2016

Char of Afghanistan

Population: 295,000 

Primary Religion: Islam (100%)

Known Christians: 0% (0)



The Char are comprised of four major tribes divided into a further 250 sub-tribes. Never politically united, tribal alliances joined them for protection against invaders. They are known as formidable warriors. For such a large population, little has been recorded about them, leaving them relatively obscure. As with the great majority of Afghans, theirs is a Sunni belief system. Women enhance drab lives by wearing brightly colored clothes sewn with glittering sequins. Outside their homes, they wear dark head-to-toe covering and many still don a burka. Men are seen in turbans or round caps with rough-textured cloaks draped around their shoulders. Marriage is the most important life event. By tradition, a union is arranged in early childhood. Marriage takes place when a girl is 13 or 14. The Char are in desperate need to hear about the way of salvation. Most of the them die never hearing the Name of Jesus once in a lifetime! Pray for short and long term laborers to go and pioneer ministries. Ask God for people to be sent with focused evangelism and church planting ministries. Pray that many will be brought from the kingdom of darkness into The Kingdom of Light through dreams and supernatural encounters.


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