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Laboring to stem the tide of this present age by establishing & developing communities saturated in a culture of -

1) prayer & fasting

2) study & proclamation of the Word

3) true fellowship

We are vexed in our spirit because of the condition of God’s creation, His lost sheep of Israel, souls bound for eternal damnation, and the waywardness of His Church.

We believe, unto persecution & even death, that Christ & the Bible are both supreme and sufficient and that Godly wisdom is the blueprint of and for our lives.

We wholeheartedly reject conventional wisdom, societal norms, social relativism, and any other form of human philosophy and doctrine that is antithetical to Christ and Him crucified and the truths found in the Scriptures. With boldness in Christ we will not bow to the pressures of governmental, public, or private demands to compromise or denounce Christ or the scriptures.

We, with indomitable joy, identify with Christ’s suffering and reproach to be found outside the camp of society because Christ is found outside the camp and He awaits us there.

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