I – The Pilgrimage is convinced that God’s establishment of an “everlasting covenant” between He Himself and Abraham (Genesis 17:7-8); carried through the lineage of Isaac and not any other people group (Genesis 17:18-19); reaffirmed, by God, to Jacob and his descendants (Genesis 28:13), is just that, “everlasting.” If God is capable of breaking His covenant with the Jewish people because they sinned, then our Christian faith is in great peril for then nothing restrains God from breaking His covenant with the Church for she has surely sinned as well. The elements comprising the everlasting covenant are:


1) A people of direct descent from Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob; none other, and not a “spiritualized” people (Romans 9:3-4)

2) Will possess a certain & specific landmass without fear or threat from within or without (Leviticus 26:42 & Jeremiah 23:6)

3) Descendants who will be an earthly demonstration and expression of God’s character and serve as a light unto all the nations (Isaiah 49:5-6).





C – Act 2:42 sets the foundational pillars of the Pilgrimage’s core distinctives of fasting & prayer, study & proclamation, and true fellowship, all within the context of Biblically-centered individuals and families, as well as corporate Body life. We recognize the importance of community-wide gatherings as an opportunity to worship & praise God, proclaim Jesus, and establish a safe haven for the lost to be found (Acts 5:13-14). Of equal importance is the realization that the spiritual-health of the community is directly correlated to the spiritual-health of the individuals, marriages, and families that comprise the community (Acts 2:46-47).




(Study of the end times)

E – The pre-tribulation rapture theory popularized only within the last 250 years has resulted in great harm to the Church’s understanding of her eschatological (end times) role. Rather than being rescued from the great tribulation, the Church will be the one shining diamond amidst the chaos. We are in agreement that, “The defining characteristic of the genuine Church has been, and will always be, martyrdom” (see Art Katz Ministries). This profound axiom will manifest itself in its fullest as the genuine Church is called upon to tend and protect the Jewish people (Revelation 12:6) who will be enduring a worldwide persecution as has never been before or thereafter (Daniel 12:1 & Matthew 24:21).

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