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Biblical testimony, acknowledged by Commentators such as Matthew Henry & Charles Ryrie, calculate that Old Testament tithes & giving equaled approximately 24% of one’s labor. In keeping with this tradition, Pilgrimage Church sows 24% of all tithes, offering, gifts, and contributions as first-fruits into works that are engaged in Israel, frontier missions located in Iraq & Iran, and end-times study. Works currently supported by Pilgrimage Church include:






Iran – Unable to publish due to security concerns


Eschatology & Prophetic Studieshttp://the.mysteryofisrael.org/


You may invest your stewardship into these works by directly visiting the websites or you may give to them via Pilgrimage Church using one of the most secured ways of giving online, PayPal. Our email to donate is pilgrimage@pilgrimagekc.org. Please indicate which work you prefer and 100% of your earmarked contribution will be sent to your preferred work. Your giving is tax deductible. If you desire a donation letter, please email us a request. Thank you.




The offering is an opportunity for regular, generous and proportionate giving of resources for the accomplishing of The Church’s mission unto God’s glory. Your joyful, sacrificial giving to Pilgrimage Church is a statement of faith and expression of gratitude for God’s provision and grace. Resources provided to Pilgrimage Church are utilized to support local works, sowing into reaching the Jewish people and ongoing frontier missions predominately in the Middle-East. If you’d like any information on Pilgrimage Church or on the missionaries we support, please send inquiries to pilgrimage@pilgrimagekc.org