Ours is an Israel-centric, historical pre-millennial, post-tribulation view of eschatology. We reject any form of “replacement theology” in its entirety. We are convinced that pulling the strands of the teachings of the Pentateuch, Old Testament history books, prophets, the law, the Apostles and of Christ Himself, it is clear that God has future intent & purpose for His kinsmen, the Jew, and that the church will be present during the tribulation or a time known as “Jacob’s Trouble.” It is the summing up of God’s controversy with His people (Israel), the Church, and the nations. In light of such, we live every aspect of our life in a war footing reality whereby the manner in which we spend time, money, and energy are all measured to glorify God and prepare our families and the community to be a “Corrie Ten Boom2” presence in all the nations.





The Apostle Paul urges us to remember those who are in chains for the Gospel. Our prayers ask God to provide momentary respite & encouragement to our brothers & sisters under actual or threat of loss of liberty, possessions, or life. That they and love ones will not grow weary or bitter about the Gospel or worse, turn their back on Jesus. We also pray for Saul-to-Paul conversions for judges, juries, prosecutors, jailers, and executioners. We ask that God increases the awareness of the persecuted believer within the Church at-large.





The Pilgrimage’s heart yearns for all unreached groups to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ and we primarily focus on the 10-40 Window. Led by the unction of The Holy Spirit, we ask God to send laborers into His harvest field. We petition Heaven that absent of laborers, dreams & visions about Jesus will provoke tribal leaders & medicine men to salvation; that favor will fall upon those smuggling Bibles and material into dangerous places; and that the Gospel will go far & wide thanks to electronic means (radio, Internet, cell phones, etc…). Our prayer focus includes evangelistic works currently supported by The Pilgrimage in Iraq, Iran, & Israel. We also ask that God raises the awareness of unreached groups throughout the entirety of Christ’s Body.





As called out ones we need be an oasis in the wilderness of a polluted society; not by becoming or looking like the world, but by offering a sane alternative to the insanity surrounding them. The world must see and feel God’s love without compromise of the reality of God’s hatred for sin. The Pilgrimage congregates in traditional corporate settings for regular worship & proclamation of the Word, while recognizing that the life of the community is drawn from the true fellowship found in local house-to-house gatherings. We recognize God’s value and heart for the 1) nit & grit of personal & family life, 2) the nuts & bolts of Body life, and 3) our call to be shafts of light within our neighborhoods. Our life purpose is to be a plumb line of Heaven and the ground and pillar of the truth of God. We wash the feet of our family; know well, tend, and feed the flock to which Jesus called us; and lay our lives down in the highways & byways so that the slain Lamb may have the reward of His suffering.





By God’s grace we seek to live as Biblically undergirded men & women who value traditional expectations of marriage, childrearing, life together, and worship. Tragically, too many men are playing video games in their man-caves while women are having emotional affairs on social media and children are surfing pornography in the bedroom. Our community seeks to be “cruciformed3” men & women who recognize, embrace, and contend earnestly to live within the governmental constructs of God Almighty. We make no apology. The Sermon on the Mount is the blueprint for millennium life and we are called to be an already-not yet people, a piece of the end; men, women, and families who esteem God in all things and who recognize that “even the pots & are holy.” Being “silent ones in the earth,” we ought to provoke witness by being responsible, meek, kind, truthful, and genuinely caring and loving our neighbors; all the while willing to be bold in witness when the situation warrants. Our lives must give substance to the spontaneous interaction with neighbors and strangers as the very nature of our being and our actions must serve as a testimony for the proclamation of the Lord Jesus.





We are mindful of our calling to extend the Gospel into our neighborhoods and unto the uttermost parts of the earth. With sobriety & urgency, The Pilgrimage seeks to fulfill the Great Commission while recognizing that an incredible chasm exists between those who “went” and those who are “sent.” The tension created, and embraced, within intentional community & life together forms safe places where the love and truth of Christ abounds. Havens that promote deep devotion to prayer, a love for the Word, intimate life together, and by the unction of the Holy Spirit, sending “called out ones” to plant & nurture other frontier communities throughout the world. We are convinced that it is within community life that authentic, life-giving fellowship in Jesus Christ births a genuine delight and honor for one another and where we encourage & admonish one another onward in the ways and purposes of God, gifts of the Spirit flourish, and the pronouncement of “set apart for Me” will be heard.





Prayer is the lynchpin for action by & within the Body of Christ. Devotion to, and value of, prayer must begin in the secret closet of personal prayer and devotion unto God. It is only from the daily, secret chambers that embers may be brought forth to set afire family altar times as well as communal petitions & prayers. The Church must again embrace prayer as a calling to stand in the gap. To endure periods of great distress and fatigue without wavering as did the priest who held the Ark of the Covenant upon their shoulders as all of Israel passed through the Jordan River. Our prayer times seek boldness, discernment, knowledge, and wisdom as to –


1) How to function with courage and grace as a body of believers

2) That denominational walls will come low

3) A resurgent of sincere, Biblical preaching will be returned to pulpits

4) Hearts of parents turn towards their children and the children to the parents

6) How to function as priests and act as salt and light in our culture and communities

7) God’s intervention into events unfolding locally, nationally, and worldwide

8) Congregations will again follow Jesus of the Bible and not a post-modern, humanistic view


2. Corrie Ten Boom Communities:

As the Jewish remnant is put to flight because of worldwide persecution, the Church is to be a sustaining and protecting presence. This endeavor will put the Church at grave risk, even death, as it was for those such as Corrie Ten Boom during WWII. With Christ as our example, we are to travail in prayer & in witness so that we might provoke the Jew to jealousy and thus they will look upon the One they have pierced. Our very life ought to provoke the Jew to recognize their Messiah, Jesus Christ, in us and causing a heartbroken, forlorn desire for deep repentance and grafting of the natural branches back into the olive tree.


3. A Cruciformed People:

God knitted us in the womb, He bought us with a price, we are crucified with Christ and now we no longer live, but rather it is Christ in us. Death works in us so life may be inserted in others. Ours is a distinct and felt disjuncture with the world for we are resigned to be broken bread & poured out wine for the magnification of God’s Glory through Jesus Christ.

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