How "IF" came about in Amy's own words:


"One evening a fellow-worker brought me a problem about a younger one who was missing the way of Love. This led to a wakeful night, for the word at such times is always, 'Lord, is it I?' 'Have I failed her anywhere?' And then sentence by sentence the 'If’s' came, almost as if spoken aloud to the inner ear. What do we comprehend, what do we know?"


"Confounded and abased, we enter into the Rock and hide in the dust before the glory of the Majesty of love – the love whose symbol is the Cross. And a question pierces then: 'What do I know of Calvary love?'"

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Amy wrote that these "IFs" were not for immediate read and digestion. Rather, she intended for them to be read and savored as we mulled over and over their provocation to know Christ and Him crucified and thus increasing our capacity to love Jesus and His Great Commission.


Twice a month the Pilgrimage will post an "IF" and invite you to write a brief statement on how these "little sticks of dynamite" have impacted you and your relationship with Christ. It is our hope and prayer that others will be encouraged to love and good deeds by your personal encounters. 

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